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From entertainment and lifestyle to uncovering and pinpointing key real estate and business and investment opportunities, Plan2Escape is your resource for navigating objectively so that you can live your dream. We provide consumers with news, events and unique, fun and Internationally focused information.

As a strategic information portal for those that seek an international life, Plan2Escape delivers valuable tools for those who dare to “escape” ordinariness and follow their dreams of vacationing, living, working and or investing abroad.

Corporations, organizations and people around the world have relied upon our portfolio of businesses and strategic advisory board for decades to help them anticipate, measure and mitigate risks that any manner of threats pose to their people, assets and interests around the world.

Our Mission

Plan2Escape Magazine uses our real world knowledge to help people and organizations navigate a diverse array of amazing opportunities around the globe so that they are empowered with credible knowledge to strategically plan their great escape.